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Product Description:
  • Give your bathroom a brand-new look by scrubbing off the dirt in between the tiles and the mildew on the grout
  • Easily remove water and soap marks on your shower door
  • Extend your reach and easily clean the hard to reach areas thanks to the 44-inch extension rod.


  • 300 RPMs - Spinning at 300 RPMs, you can easily eliminate hard-to-lift stains, mineral deposits, mold, and mildew. Our scrubber will do the scrubbing for you!
  • RECHARGEABLE - Turbo Power Scrubber is equipped with a Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable battery so there’s no need to waste money on buying batteries.
  • 44-INCH EXTENSION ROD - Our turbo scrubber can extend up to 44 inches to reach high places that you can hardly reach before.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE HEADS - 3 different kinds of brushes to use